SahrisWiki News, Updates and Releases

2nd January 2016

Moved to prologic/sahriswiki over at GitHub.

Finally after nearly 2 years the project and software will get some much needed love and care.

28th January 2013

After several years of inactivity and neglect some development has continued and a new release will be published soon.

13th February 2011

New Release: 0.8.1.tar.gz
PyPi Page:

  • Minor bug-fix release

31st January 2011

New Release: 0.8.tar.gz

11th July 2010

New Release: 0.7.tar.gz

  • Completely reorganized and restructured code base to be modular.
  • Improved storage and search classes.
  • NEW: Support for various mime types (HTML, CSV, RST, Text and Images).
  • NEW: Fancier error page for when things go wrong.

8th July 2010

New Release: 0.6.tar.gz

  • Code is a lot cleaner!
  • NEW: Plugin support --> +hello
  • NEW: Upload support --> +upload
  • NEW: Orphaned pages --> +orphaned
  • NEW: Wanted pages --> +wanted


Welcome to SahrisWiki's development wiki and development environment.

This is Wiki Software, a Wiki Engine.

For more information see Docs.

Try this wiki out for yourself!

  • Navigate to SandBox
  • Hover over Functions (bottom left of the page)
  • Click Edit
  • Enter some text and click Save

NB: To help circumvent SPAM Authentication and Authorization has been turned on. Login with admin:admin before editing these pages. forex pk

Quick Start with Docker

You can easily and quickly spin up an instance of the SahrisWiki Engine using Docker by simply running:

docker run -p 80:80 prologic/sahriswiki

This image is an Automated Build available on the Docker Hub at prologic/sahriswiki

Enjoy! :)

Installing the latest Development Version

Ensure you have: Python, setuptools or distribute and Mercurial installed on your system.

Then perform the following steps:

$ git clone
$ cd sahriswiki
$ pip install -e .

$ sahriswiki --help